Parent Council

We have an active parent council with representatives from each year group that meets each term with parent governors and the head teacher. 

What is the Parent Council For?

The Parent Council is a two way communication forum aimed at ensuring that everyone in school life works together for the common good of our children’s education and well-being at the school.  The purpose can be summarised as developing partnership between parents and school, to:

  • Give parents a voice to express their views or wishes concerning the school
  • Give school leadership the opportunity to ask for parents' views in a structured way 
  • Share ideas to improve and develop the school

The Parent Council is aimed at addressing school-wide topics.  Specific class or pupil questions should be raised with the class teacher in the first instance.

How does the Parent Council work?

  • Each class in the school is represented by one parent or carer responsible for representing the views of and speaking for other parents and carers in the class.Each class will select their own representative at the beginning of the school year.
  • The Parent Council meets once a term (6 times a year).Prior to each meeting, the Council representative will collect the views of other parents in their class, decide on priority items and submit up to two discussion points they wish to raise at the meeting.
  • Inputs should be submitted one week before the Parent Council meeting to be collated, and tabled at the meeting.

What sort of things are discussed at the meetings?

Typical discussion points at the meeting may be:

  • Things raised by parents which are good and which they would like to see done again or done more.
  • Concerns or issues which parents would like addressed by the school leadership team.
  • Questions from the school leadership seeking the opinion of parents.
  • General discussions on topics to improve any aspects of the school.

Where can I find out more?
For more information, get in touch with your class/year representative or one of the Parent Governors:

Malcolm Cubitt - 07769 668700

Simon Bridson-Jones –


Parent Council Minutes 15 November 2017

Parent Council Minutes 18 January 2017

Parent Council Minutes 16 November 2016

Parent Council Minutes 27 January 2016

Parent Council Minutes 9 March 2016

Parent Council Minutes 11 May 2016



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