• To establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.


  • To raise awareness amongst employees, pupils and other site users of health and safety issues and to encourage good practice.
  • To take all reasonable precautions to protect people by reducing risks both on and off site.

  • To take prompt and appropriate action in the event a hazardous situation developing, and of an accident and / or emergency occurring on or off site.



  • To monitor the allocation of funds based on suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

  • Prioritise health and safety matters within the School Improvement and Development Plan.

  • Purchase and maintain equipment to British and European Standards.

  • Have health and safety as a standing item on the agenda of all meetings.

  • Carry out regular inspections as outlined in the Governors’ Handbook.

  • Cooperate with the employer (OCC) on matters of health and safety.

  • Our Governor with responsibility for health and safety is Steph Gilroy Lowe.


Susie Bagnall takes overall responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the establishments health and safety policy by;

  • Line managing the Leadership Team;

  • Allocating sufficient resources to meet health and safety priorities;

  • Ensuring attendance on appropriate health and safety training courses,

  • Liaising with the employer (OCC) over health and safety issues;

  • Regularly checking the Health and Safety website:

  • Ensuring good communications by including health and safety issues in Staff briefings, bulletins and meetings;

  • Organising and implementing termly inspections in consultation with Trade Union Safety Representatives and Governors;

  • Overseeing the completion of the arrangements and risk assessments for all on/off site activities;

  • Ensuring that health & safety is a criteria for performance management / appraisal scheme and

  • Formulate and implement a policy for the management of critical incidents.


Clare Whyles will:

  • Include health and safety in all new employees’ induction.

  • Undertake an annual health and safety training needs analysis of all employees.

  • Monitor departmental documentation, risk assessments, practices and procedures.

  • Encourage and support staff in completing risk assessments for pupils giving cause for concern.

  • Ensure that QCA/HSE heath and safety curriculum requirements are being delivered in lessons.

  • Support employees with personal safety issues including stress.

  • Ensure off site visits are approved and appropriately staffed.

  • Review departmental co-ordinators risk assessments annually.


Jo Williams, Susanna Addis and Di Forbes ensure that:

  • All office risk assessments are completed and reviewed;

  • Visitors are registered wear a badge and are briefed on the emergency procedures;

  • Hazard reporting and maintenance documentation is actioned

  • Coordinate the planned programmed maintenance of plant and equipment managed by Carillion

  • Accident and Physical and Verbal Abuse documentation is completed and submitted to the Education Health & Safety Section;

  • All appropriate risk assessments guidance and hiring documentation is completed for community use of the site;

  • All community users are registered and made aware of emergency procedures;

  • Adequate trained first aid cover is available for on /off site activities and

  • Periodic checks are made of the first aid arrangements and containers.



Sharon Dillon will:

  • Maintain accurate records of all equipment and resources

  • Purchase and maintain all equipment and resources to LA prescribed standards

  • Ensure that the School follows the LA procedures:

  • when selecting a contractor

  • when completing a Self Financed Improvement Project (SF1 Form)

  • when liaising with contractors over health and safety matters



Mohamed Nassar (caretaker) will:

Lock/unlock school premises

  • Undertake regular security checks and identify security and safety risks

  • Alert the Head of Establishment to issues of security and lone working

  • Carry out termly fire drills, weekly fire tests, check fire extinguishers and maintain the Fire Safety Folder

  • Undertake appropriate repairs to maintain a safe working environment

  • Collect and assemble waste for removal as required to maintain a safe working environment

  • Be responsible for routine inspections and planned maintenance of the building, fixtures, fittings, furniture, grounds, gates and fences to maintain a safe working environment

  • Operate the heating plant to maintain an acceptable temperature in the working environment

  • Carry out monthly water temperatures tests

  • Undertake emergency and specialist cleaning tasks including sweeping the hall floor after lunch service, litter picking and graffiti removal

  • Keep external paths clean, free of litter and weeds and salted and gritted during cold weather

  • Carry out portering duties when required e.g. moving furniture and equipment

  • Manage the planned programmed maintenance of plant and equipment, liaising with contractors and monitoring performance; reporting performance problems to the head teacher

  • Be responsible for the annual electrical testing programme and keep appropriate records

  • Complete and comply with all relevant risk assessments

  • Provide emergency access to the school site and assist with implementation of emergency plans

  • Review progress with the head termly



  • Produce health and safety risk assessment guidance and documentation as appropriate especially in Art, Design & Technology, ICT, Science, PE and off site activities

  • Ensure all hazardous equipment and materials are appropriately marked, maintained and used by a competent person

  • Advising colleagues on the completion of risk assessments and ensuring they are carried out, reviewed periodically and recorded

  • Annually undertake a training needs analysis for their teams

  • Ensure health and safety is a standing item on all agendas

  • Check that pupils are aware of health and safety issues and that these are being continually reinforced



  • Cooperate with health and safety requirements

  • Must be aware of the site responsibilities within CEF's Part 2 policy document (see staff room noticeboard)

  • Report all defects to the caretaker in the caretaker’s book in the office

  • Complete and action risk assessments for all potentially hazardous on/off site activitie

  • Use, but not misuse things provided for your health, safety and welfare

  • Do not undertake unsafe acts

  • Inform employer of any “Near-Misses”

  • Be familiar with the emergency action plans for fire, first aid, bomb security and off site issues

  • Raise health and safety issues with pupils

  • Log any significant H&S incidents concerning staff in the log book held at reception



  • Sign in at the School Reception on arrival

  • Read the resume of the health and safety procedures on arrival at the School

  • Wear a visitor badge whilst on site at all times

  • Follow evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency



  • Behave in a way that does not put your health and safety at risk

  • Observe standards of dress consistent with good health, safety and hygiene practices

  • Follow all safety rules including the instructions of staff given in an emergency

  • Use, but not misuse, things provided for your health, safety and welfare


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